Sweet P’s Hair Salon Testimonials

Salon Testimonial

“I learned so much about your business and how you can help me from your website. Please include me on you e-mail list.”
-John, 5/3/12

“I saw the product photographs on your website and gave you a call. I was pleasantly surprised with the great service. I’ve recommended you to my friends and family. Thanks again! “
-Susan, 4/24/12

“I printed the map and directions off your website, which made it very easy to find you. You were professional, honest, affordable, and quick. I’ll definitely be back!

-Jose, 3/3/12

I’m so glad I found you on Google! I’ve become a regular customer, and I recommend that everyone visit your website and see what you’re all about. Thanks for going the extra mile!”
-Cindy, 2/22/12

“I read about your products and services on Google, so when I visited you, I already knew what I wanted and who to ask for. It was SO EASY to do business with you. Next time I’m going to call ahead or e-mail for an appointment. I’m a VERY satisfied customer!
-Fernando, 2/14/12

I’ve been looking everywhere for a business like yours! I use to have to drive 50 miles away from home, then I found you on Google. Now I can get everything I need just 15 minutes away! Please include me on your newsletter list.”
-Jennifer, 12/23/11